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Korean Bills And Bitcoins


Article Types: The Review publishes three kinds of articles: Monthly Market Quantitative Reviews, Adoption Quantitive Reviews, and General Quantitive Articles.  

    - The Monthly Market Quantitive Reviews should include three sections.  Section one should be a chart and table showing market fluctuations in the asset over the previous month. Section two should compare the performance of the asset with Bitcoin, the S&P 500, Gold, Silver and any stocks the author wishes to include.  The optional section three should include sentiment analysis from news coverage during the month. 

      - Adoption Quantitive Reviews and General Quantitive Articles are more flexible but should focus on tables and charts with limited text.

Publication Fees: The Review does not charge any authors' fees nor does it pay for any articles. 

Conflict of Interest: Authors must disclose any interest in digital assets above 100 USD in the article. 

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